Welcome to the Swiss Ski School Parpan!

Safety on and off the slopes is a top priority for our guests and employees. Therefore, we have developed our own protection concept due to the current situation around COVID. It should help to ensure that you do not have to miss out on winter sports at the Parpan Ski School and that you feel as comfortable as possible with us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your trust in the Swiss Ski School Parpan.

Thies Scherrer, Ski School Director

November 2021


  • The basis for the present protection concept are the measures and specifications decided by the Federal Office of Public Health as well as the currently valid COVID ordinances of the federal government and the canton of Graubünden. Also taken into account are the specifications of our umbrella organization Swiss Snowsports and the protective measures of the Arosa-Lenzerheide region. Our protective measures are intended to minimize the risk of COVID transmission to such an extent that the operation of the Parpan Ski School is justified.
  • The regulation of other tourist service providers such as mountain railroads, catering businesses and public transport must be observed.
  • Our protection concept is an integral part of our general terms and conditions (GTC), which you agree to when booking at the Swiss Ski School Parpan.
  • We reserve the right to make changes.


  • Snow sports lessons may only be attended in a healthy condition.
  • Guests with symptoms of illness (BAG Coronavirus Check) stay at home, contact a local doctor or the responsible office of the Canton of Graubünden and follow their instructions. In case of a positive COVID test, the ski school is to be contacted immediately by telephone.
  • Employees with symptoms of illness are not allowed to work, stay at home and follow the instructions of the internal protection concept of the Parpan Ski School and the responsible authorities. In case of suspicion, a COVID test will be ordered. All non-vaccinated employees are recommended to be vaccinated in time before starting their work assignment.



  • Our sales point in Parpan is equipped according to the currently valid guidelines of the FOPH.
  • We ask you to follow the instructions of our staff and to keep your distance.
  • A general mask obligation applies in the ski school office. Persons with mask dispensation have no access. The ski school will provide hygiene masks if required.
  • Automatic dispensers with disinfectant for cleaning hands are available at the entrances. The employees of the Parpan Ski School clean their hands regularly.
  • The offices are regularly aired and disinfected.
  • To avoid long waiting times and crowds, courses must be paid for no later than the day before the course starts. No tickets can be paid at the ski school office before 10.30 am.


  • The assembly point of the Parpan Ski School is organized in such a way that the distances between the individual groups can be maintained. There is no obligation to wear a mask outdoors. However, we recommend that adult accompanying persons nevertheless wear a mask at the assembly point and pay attention to distances.
  • Mouth-nose protection must be worn at all times on all enclosed transport facilities, in the waiting area and on public transport. Participation in the ski school is therefore not possible for persons with a mask exemption. This applies to guests and employees. Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear mouth-nose protection. All employees always carry standard hygiene masks in stock.
  • Breaks in Kinderland are staggered and take place outside the teepee tent when temperatures are appropriate. Lunch in the mountain restaurants is in accordance with the currently valid official regulations of the FOPH and the canton of Graubünden. Persons over 16 years of age are required to be certified indoors in the restaurants. This applies to participating persons and employees of the ski school.
  • A COVID certificate from the EU (EU-DCC) is required for access to most facilities open to the public (hotels, indoor pools, spas, …). For those who are vaccinated or recovered but do not have an EU-DCC, a Swiss COVID certificate can be applied for: COVID certificate application